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Entrepreneurial Dreams (The New Generation)

During the course of my time on this earth, all the while getting to know people, I’ve come to realize that a lot of us have a particular fear in common. That fear is pursuing your dream. It’s a beautiful thing to have an idea, a plan, a goal that becomes your personal endeavor; but to focus on it, push to begin the process and have the determination; security to move forward regardless of the negative comments or criticisms you’ll receive, is frightening. That’s always the hardest part, that’s always the part that entices, better yet convinces some people to give up, let go and drop it all.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about that particular part, but what I can tell you is, if you have a strong will to work through it; you’ll be surprised at what’s developed within. You will have built-in traits such as character, strength, dedication and leadership. I mean you have to admit, it’s a very scary thing to create a dream and see it to fruition. To let go of everything that you’ve started with as far as doubt, to believe in yourself by trying to do something new and inspiring, to take a chance on yourself to see if you can guide yourself to success. Let’s face it, that’s a heavy weight to carry. But what I’ve also found in regard to that is, it seems more and more people are starting to pick up the weight of fear with no worries of trying to carry it.

Yep, seems as though people are beginning to believe in themselves more than they ever have before. Realizing that they need to take life by the horns and do things for themselves. No longer do people want to just be worker bees, they now want to be the boss -- the boss of their own destiny, finances and last but certainly not least, their happiness. And to do that, you have to explore life so that you may discover what you’re passionate about and once you do that, therein lie’s your journey to bring your dream to life.

So I dedicate this piece to my beautiful entrepreneurs known and unknown. Below this blog you will see the beginning of a new generation of leaders who will enhance the world with their beauty, creativity, enjoyment, vibrancy, services and their bliss for life in amazing categories. The intra/entrepreneurial beacons of light that will guide us through the darkness of poverty and an employment bounded society. I believe that when you explore the websites listed below they will inspire you to live and think outside the box. Hey, it has for me. :)

* Corbro Designs (Graphic Designs)

* Eighty's Baby (Apparel)

* Dotti Mitchell (Unique Greeting Cards)

* Karen Maze (Photography)

* Bernice Angoh (Author and Poet)

* Terry O'Neal (Author, Poet and Screen Play writer)

* Youth Mic Organization (Minority Intervention)

* Darren B Rankins (Author and Poet)

* Del Var (Author and Poet)

With more to come . . .

Love Until…
Written 6/6/08


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