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QS Boutique - The beginning....NEW ITEMS

Welcome everyone to QS Boutique. Please find below a few gems that are available for purchase. 

You may contact Sylvia Walt at 

Thank you in advance for your purchases and check back periodically for additional items. 

Website Coming Soon.

Boss Edge - SOLD

Ladder Rope Bracelet - SOLD

Lady Like Me

Leather Fold-SOLD

Bamboo High

Sock Boot Chill

Royal Blue Roller Coaster


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Where Do I Begin?

Whether I'm on a speaker's panel, doing a book signing, supporting others or pitching QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections. Among all other questions, the most popular of choice I run into is;  where do I begin? I have to say, I love that question because I used to feel that way when I was in the beginning of furthering my passions with purpose. I found that often, some people will really encourage you, as well as fluff you with all of the what I call "Build To Nothing" talk. They invite you to seminars and other events with promises to answer that question and when you get there, they begin spouting platitudes that you've heard all too frequently before such as:
Believe in yourselfYou can do itBuild a teamFind someone who believes in you and what you're doingGo for itTake a leap of faith and trust yourselfEtcetera, blah blah and so on. Don't get me wrong, all of that is good, it is, especially for pep-talks if that's all that is …

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