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C-Dyann Designs

Chandra Chatmon, the author of the well received, yet controversial novel, Shades of Retribution published back in 2004 is now, sharing with us, another side of her creativity.

Chandra's new creative endeavor is called "C-Dyann Designs" in which she creatively designs jewelry using silver and copper wire, semi-precious stones, glass and crystal. She also crochets hats, scarves and plans to return to designing knitwear. Chandra says "I love any medium I can get my hands on to create something beautiful and unique."

C-Dyann Designs is now rapidly growing and has become a fan favorite. Though Chandra is full speed ahead on her designing passion, she assures us that she has not abandoned her beginning and that we can still look forward to receiving another book from her in the near future.
 If you would like to explore and purchase some of her creative joys, please visit her website for knits at  and jewelry at

If you would like to contact Chandra Chatmon, please email her at, or call/text 707-704-7239.

Until next time, I'll be sharing with you the next Entrepreneurial Spotlight, making a difference.



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