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Shelby Apparel...

This is another entrepreneur that I am proud to present to you.

Shelby S.
The owner and visionary of her new company Shelby Apparel.

Some would ask what is Shelby Apparel?

Shelby Apparel is a company that does custom design crochet clothing.

I had the pleasure of having a dress made and before you ask; no, I do
not have any pictures of my dress because that's my style. LOL!!! Get your own!

However, I did manage to obtain some pictures of the beautiful work that she has done and I believe you will agree with me when I say "Great Work". I mean truly great.

Shelby Apparel. . . For all things crocheted;

Below you will see just a few samples of the items she has created:

Very nice!!!

Need I say more?

Shelby Apparel: Where trends are met and styles are set!

Made to order

As always I want to thank you for coming through to see what's new,
whose new and what they do. So until my fingers visit the computer keys again:

Stay alert for the next entrepreneur hard at work!!!

Until. . .

The Shelby Apparel Flyer has been created by Corbro Designs,


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